How To Lose Your First 10 lbs

Do you want to learn how to lose 10 pounds by eating the right foods at the right times?

To guarantee that the weight is lost for good, we’ll make it simple and enjoyable. That’s OK. Your weight isn’t solely determined by a number on a scale. Every element of your life is affected by it on a daily basis.

You’ve pondered trying yet another diet or weight-loss program, but you’d rather enjoy life than be bound by rules and regulations. Counting carbohydrates and calories and fretting over them makes an already difficult situation into a continuous nightmare. The annoyance grows.

You’ve considered pushing yourself harder with more determination — yet despite your efforts and sacrifices, you’re still unhappy. You’re sick of being forced to eat dull salads while everyone else eats delicious pizza. You’ve considered pre-packaged meals, bars, and smoothies — but you know that if you stop, the weight will return. What’s the point of all this battling if you know you won’t be able to keep going like this for long, and you’ll end up back where you started?


Fill in the slots on the suggested food list with your favorite foods and cross off the ones you don’t.


Follow our easy meal rules to put the appropriate meals together at the correct times.


Enjoy every meal, whether at home, at restaurants, at social events, on the road, or elsewhere.

It’s straightforward, quick, and pleasurable to keep the weight off for good when you’re eating the foods you prefer.


In here you’ll figure out a simple way to eat all of your favorite foods in a strategic way! … without having to give up carbohydrates, feeling hungry or restricted, calculating calories, or any other weight-reduction plan torment that doesn’t work long-term. You’ll know exactly how to lose your first 10 pounds for less than the cost of one Coke every afternoon for a month.

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