Another Time Saving Workout Method You Will Love! (Amazing Results)

In a previous article we talked about a time saving workout method called the 3×7 Method. This method consisted of 5 total sets per workout where the reps increasing after each set starting with 3 and ending at 7 with a 15 seconds break between each set. Today we want to talk about another time saving workout method that works just as great as the 3×7 method, if not better! We call this the Rest-Pause Method.

Just based off the name you can guess this method consists of resting and pausing, and it has a similar feel to the 3×7 Method, however a bit different when it comes to reps and rests. There are a number of different ways you can use this method and it entirely depends on your comfort level. Here’s one example of how I personally use this method:

We know in the 3×7 Method we get a total of 25 reps after we finish one round, so my target number of reps is going to be 25. You have as many sets you need to reach that 25 goal, but the only catch is only taking a 20 second break between each set. When I do 3×7, usually my first 2 sets (where you do 3 & 4 reps) I have so much more energy that I want to keep going, so in this method I keep going, sometimes in the first set I get to 10, then in the 2nd set I get another 7, then next I get 7 more, and etc until I reach 25 total reps. This usually saves me at least one set and I get done faster and take a usual 2 minute rest until my next workout.

The downside to the way I do it, I do not change my weight, so if I’m using a 15 lb dumbbell then I’m sticking with that throughout the workout until I hit 25 reps. This can cause some strain on your arms or legs due to only taking a 20 second break in between but the advantage is you are in control of how many reps you want to do each set. There are other various ways you can do this however and this includes lowering your weight amount you are lifting.

Here’s a full list example for that:

  1. Select a weight that is around 75% of your 1-rep maximum. You should be able to accomplish 6–10 reps in total with this weight amount.
  2. Now start your first set, lift as many reps you can until you can’t complete one more rep with proper form. (Big point here, whatever workout you’re doing, make sure you are using proper form!)
  3. Take a 20-30 seconds break.
  4. Lower the weight slightly (completely up to you on how much) then do the same thing as the first set, do as many reps you can until you can’t complete a proper form.
  5. Again another 20-30 seconds break, lower the weight, and do the same thing.

This is just one 1. Rest for 90-120 seconds and then repeat the whole process again 2 more times. This specific example will help you build and increase muscle mass and highly effective and challenging. Even though you can get great results with this method, you also need to know and understand to not push too hard. If you can’t do one proper form, then stop, you do not want to push and injure yourself. Another thing is to not use this method too much. As you can imagine this kind of workout method can take a toll on your body and you are going to feel it. Doing this too much can cause more harm to your body than good. Something we forget is that working out isn’t the only important thing, rest and recovering is just as important for results.

Overall this method is great for weightlifters looking for more better results. You have flexibility with this method of how much weight, and reps you can do. Soon I will be sharing my full time saving workout splits that I use and in there I use both the 3×7 method and rest-pause method, not only do I save time while working out, I get great results! Feel free to share this with your friends and family and also please reach out for any comments or questions.

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